• TNAI Meghalaya State branch

    All Executive Members of TNAI Meghalaya State Branch
  • TNAI Meghalaya State branch

    All Executive Members of TNAI Meghalaya State Branch
  • TNAI Meghalaya State branch

    All Executive Members of TNAI Meghalaya State Branch


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Posted by: | Posted on: January 23, 2020

New Office Bearers of TNAI Meghalaya State Branch

Name Of The Office Name & Tnai No. Email Id And Mobile No.
President Ms. Ivory
09862632837 tnaimegh16@gmail.com  
Vice President Mrs. Sara Mary
09089226159 smj.jez@gmail.com tnaimegh16@gmail.com
Secretary Mrs. Larista
9436332722 lariedohling@gmail.Com
Joint Secretary Ms. Marbakor N.
Treasurer Ms. Silbana
SNA Advisor Ms. Thiyarlyne
9436304884 nthiyarlyne@yahoo.in
Chairperson- Membership Committee Ms. Queencina
Ms. Phisha
Nora Nongpluh
8974502190 phishanora@rediffmail.com
Chairperson- Public Health Section Ms. Sylvia
Chairperson -Nursing Service Section Ms. Arambam Thadoi Chanu 7005807084 chanu_ar@yahoo.com
Chairperson -Nursing Education And Research Committee Mrs. Daily Happy Langba 9774903312 dailylyngba@gmail.com
Chairperson- Socio Economic Welfare Committee Mr. Daiamonlang Nongbri 8729988762 daiamonlang79@yahoo.com
Representative LHV/ANM Committee Mrs. Wistidiancy Marpna 7640870547
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Office Bearers of TNAI Meghalaya State Branch

President Ms. Ivory Kharduit, TNAI No. 64709   Senior Tutor, NTC Civil Hospital, Shillong
Vice President Mrs. Peliki Nilovona Marak, TNAI No. 77388,     Principal School of Nursing Tura Christian Hospital, P.O. Lower Chandmari, Tura, District, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya-794002.
Secretary Mrs. Sara Mary Jyrwa, TNAI No. 66067   Clinical Instructor, School of Nursing, Theresa House Training Centre, Ganesh Das Hospital, Shillong-793001.
Assistant Secretary Ms. Queencina Dkhar, TNAI No. 135841, Staff Nurse, Civil Hospital, Shillong-793001.  
Treasurer Mrs. Silbana Lyngdoh, TNAI No.79222,   Tutor, NTC Civil Hospital, Shillong-793001
SNA Advisor Ms. Marbakornylla Synnah, TNAI No. 125606, Sister Tutor, Dr. H. Gordon Roberts Hospital, Jaiaw, Shillong-793002.  
Public Health Nursing Section Ms. Phisha Nora Nongpluh, TNAI No. 92603,   Tutor, NTC, Civil Hospital, Shillong-793 001.  
Chairperson Nursing Education Mrs. Markordor Kharshiing, TNAI No. 133374, NTC Civil Hospital, Shillong-793001  
Newsletter Editor Mrs. Larista Dohling, TNAI No. 117231, Public Health Nursing Instructor Regional Health & Family Welfare Training Centre, Laitumkhrah, Shillong-793003.
Chairperson LHV Mrs. Icywenty Nongsiej, TNAI No. 4738,   LHV Ganesh Das Hospital, Shillong-793001.  
Representative-ANM Mrs. Shaina Lamare,  TNAI No. 3897,   ANM Dr. Norman Tunnel Hospital, Jowai-793150